Want To Train The Royale Way From Anywhere In The World? 

Now You Can.
The RF Strength Club has solidified itself as one of the most effective systems to weaponizing your body whilst dominating every other aspect of your life...

You will get strong AF, more athletic, leaner, bigger and feel absolutely unstoppable

Until now we have only run the Strength Club for Royale Fitness members but due to demand we are now bringing the system online for people like you who can't make it to our gym 3-4 days per week

Below you will see a few program options - just follow the prompts and you will end up in the right place and we will be able to start helping you get to work.

We Have 2 Ways That We Can Help: 1-1 coaching OR a program based off your needs.

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What Is Royale Fitness?
Royale Fitness isn’t ‘just a gym’, it isn’t CrossFit, it isn't 'Functional Fitness', it isn’t a quick fix place to go and just get thrown into a few short circuits with no long term plan or care for you as an individual.

We are a group of Men and Women who believe in pushing the limits and are constantly striving to be the best versions of ourselves across all areas of our lives.

It has been proven that if you are struggling in your body whether it is from being out of shape, not happy in your skin, weak, tired or even injured that it will severely affect other areas such as your relationships, your career or business and worst of all YOUR MIND.

Out of this need, Royale Fitness was born.

At Royale you will be surrounded by a great community of likeminded people and our team of expert coaches which will fast track your training and body like you have never seen before.

Couple this with how strong and fit we will make you, add in some mindset tools and strategies and you will 10X your life and be ecstatic with the result.

We work with a large variety of people but we coach and make your experience specific to you. 

We have highly driven members who train with us to help deal with their high stress jobs and lifestyles, dad's wanting to feel like their old self again and keep up in playing with their kids, women just looking to feel more confident in their body and athletes looking to be in their best shape ever for their specific sport.

If this sounds like you then Royale Fitness will be the most positive experience and soon to be one of the most positive and productive places in your life.

All you need to do is follow the buttons on this page and sign up to the right online training plan for YOU.

I hope to one day see you in our facility if you ever come to town.

- Team Royale Fitness
Watch The Video Below To Get Fired Up and See A Bit Of What We Do at RF in Mens The Strength Club
H is a motoX rider, chippy with the target to gain size and complete one of the toughest dessert races in the world.
We are working towards this and things are looking great for the race... Size and strength is up dramatically since day one.
Erik put his trust in us to get him from 17kg overweight and out of shape to literally turning his body into a weapon... The strength club helped him achieve this in under 5 months
Em Has had a huge transformation over her journey and her main focus has been getting STRONG AF.
Shane Lonie - Started as a skinny lad trying to bulk up, now competes in strongman and is hitting every target he is aiming for
PharJack Jenkins - MMA Fighter
Matty Bellman - Began originally to help his wife get back into training, stayed for 7 years and counting, now is competing in BJJ and winning medals (RF Garage Warrior) 

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Summary Of Key Points

If you are like me and most people and you skip to the end looking for the summary here it is:

- Click either the PROGRAM or 1-1 Coaching Button depending on your needs (1-1 is higher accountability so it helps a lot of people but also cost more)

- Choose the plan you want

- Sign Up and we will get you set up ASAP

- We will do everything in our power to give you the tools and the guidance that you need to succeed
All that you will need to do is show up and do the work

Sound fair?

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